Build things with meaning.

The reason for being is not something that can be innovated at a more rapid pace by scaling resources. It's something that has to be sown and nurtured, aged, built upon, changed, revamped, and refurbished, ever evolving, learned from, adaptable and reacted to, forgotton and lost, or discovered and refound.

Innovate with purpose.

Focusing on the reason why somthing is built shines light on the way it should be built. That value is based on the adage form should follow function.


The Impact of UI and Design

Three factors come into play in regards to UI, design and UX when planning for products or services that users will interact with. They influence how users use a product or service, and their impressions of the experience. Getting these elements right is an integral part of making a strong impression for customers and employees alike.

Branding should be consistent, to send cues to users about what app they're using and who's providing the services

Design should place controls and information in places that are predictable and appealing

The experience should be constructed to behave in a way that's easy to interact with and does what the user is expecting.

Embracing Modularity and Cloud Infrastructure

Flexibility offered by cloud infrastructure allows for flexible implementations that are modular in nature. This flexibility is essential for quickly responding to and implementing business needs.